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Het oncologisch centrum neemt deel aan heel wat wetenschappelijke studies. Hieronder vindt u de actieve klinische studies oncologie waar az groeninge momenteel aan deelneemt.

adjuvant algemeen
D-CARE 20060359: fase III dubbel-blind, placebo-controlled adjuvant Denosumab for high risk early breast cancer (T3-T4 and/of node positive). Meer info. Start: 31/8/2010
Pregnancy associated breast cancer: registration form (borstkanker binnen de 12 maanden na bevalling – prof. Amant )
adjuvant ER/PR positief
IBCSG 35-07/BIG1-07 SOLE: phase III randomized study of continuous Letrozole vs. intermittent Letrozole in postmenopausal women with ER/PR positive and node-positive, early-stage breast cancer after completion of 4 to 6 years of prior adjuvant endocrine therapy. Meer info. Start: 2008
gemetastaseerd HER2-positief
PHEREXA MO22324: phase II randomized study to compare the combination trastuzumab + Capecitabine +/- Pertuzumab in patients with HER2-positive metastatic breastcancer that have progressed during of following a trastuzumab-based therapy treatment for first-line metastatic breastcancer. Meer info. Start: 15/6/2010
gemetastaseerd HER2-negatief
TRIO-CIRG 012 study: randomized, double-blind, phase III study of IMC-1121B plus docetaxel vs placebo plus docetaxel in previously untreated patients with HER2-negative, unresectable, locally-recurrent or metastatic breastcancer. Meer info. Start: juli 2009
gemetastaseerd algemeen
EORTC 10085: A retrospective Observational Study of Clinical and Biological Characterization of Patients With Male Breast Cancer Treated In The Past 20 Years. Meer info. Start:


Morphotek MORab-003-004: double-blind placebo-controlled, fase III study with weekly Farletuzumab/placebo + Carboplatin and Taxane in subjects with platinum-sensitive ovarianca in first relapse (≥ 6 en ≤ 24 mnd) Start:
MITO-8 ENGOT ov-1 trial: Caelyx vs carboplatin/paclitaxel in patients with ovariancancer recurrence between six and twelve motnhs after first line platinum based chemotherapy : fase III randomized study Start: sep 2009
SNP’s Project UZ Leuven: bij gynaecologische maligniteiten (biobanking) Start: 1/6/2010


EXELIXIS: phase II study of XL147 (PI3 remmer) in subjects with advanced or recurrent endometrial ca (na max. 2 lijnen). Meer info.  Start: 31/8/2010
Stop: on hold 10/2011


OMB113676: fase III randomised, open label Ofatumumab vs Rituximab in follicular lymphoma relapsed after rituximab-containing therapy. Meer info. Start: 10/2010
Celgene CC-5013-CLL-002 CONTINUUM: phase III study with Revlimid vs placebo as maintenance therapy for patients with B-Cell Lymfocytic Leukemia following second line therapy. Meer info. Start: 5/2009
Celgene CC-5013-CLL-008 ORIGIN: Revlimid vs chlorambucil as firstline therapy for untreated elderly patients (≥ 65 years) with B-cell CLL. Meer info. Start: 19/3/2010
B021223: a multicenter phase III open-label randomized study in previously untreated patients with advanced indolent non-hodgkin's lymphoma evaluating the benefit of GA101 (R05072759) plus chemotherapy compared with rituximab plus chemotherapy followed by GA101 or rituximab maintenance therapy in responders.

Start: initiatie 26/9/2011

GADOLIN GAO4753g (Genentech): A Study to Investigate the Efficacy and Safety of Bendamustine Compared With Bendamustine+RO5072759 (GA101) in Patients With Rituximab-Refractory, Indolent Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Meer info. Start: 5/10/2010
Stop: begin 2014
GELA 2009-6B / REMARC: Revlimid in onderhoud bij oudere ptn en DLBCL in remissie na R-CHOP. Start: 2/6/2010
GOELAMS: MANTEAU 2007SJ “LyMa”: Etude de phase III ouverte et randomisée portant sur l’évaluation de l’efficacité d’un traitement d’entretien par rituximab chez des patients âgés de 18 à 65 ans inclus, traités pour un lymphome à cellulles du manteau en premier ligne et en réponse.

Start: 1/9/2011



EORTC 30073: fase III sutent prechirurgie + nefrectomy + sutent postchirurgie versus nefrectomy + sutent postchirurgie bij gemet. RCC. Start: 6/2010
RCC: Registratiestudie prof. Rottey Gent - Study of the prognostic risk status of patients with advanced renal cell cancer. Start: 10/2010
IPSOC: Investigating Patient Satisfaction with Oral anti-Cancer treatment. Prospective non-interventional non-controlled multicenter observational study to evaluate aspects of pharmaceutical care in patients with advanced renal cell cancer treated with oral anticancer medication. UZ Leuven. Start: 1/2/2011


LUX-Head & Neck 2: randomised double-blind placebo-controlled phase III study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of afatinib (BIBW 2992) as adjuvant therapy after chemotherapy in primary unresected patients with stage III IVa or IVb loco-regionally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Start: EC 21/6/2011
OMGIANT geriatric assessment in elderly H&N cancer patients. open


Retrospective study of the distribution of pathological outcomes of pT1-4 pN0-1 urothelial carcinoma after radical cystectomy for pathological T2 at transurethral resection (RETROBLAD). Open


Prospective registry of geriatric assessments in elderly patients with a cancer diagnosis (PROGERCAN). Open


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